Loss of substance in natural teeth and missing teeth are repaired with artificial materials. Prosthesis treatment is divided into two as removable and fixed prosthesis.

Fixed Prosthesis: Lamina veneers, lumineers, crowns, bridge onlays and inlays are all types of fixed prosthesis.

Removable and Total prosthesis: These are removable prosthesis made on the jaw with no teeth.

Partial (segmented) prosthesis: These are prosthesis that are partially fixed and some of which can be fixed and removed on the partially toothed jaw. These are also divided into clasp and precision-retained prosthesis.

There are also prosthesis called overdentures. They are implants or over-dental total prosthesis.


Are removable dentures cheaper than fixed dentures?
Total prosthesis are more affordable than all other prosthesis. However, the cost of some overdentures or precision-retained prosthesis are close to fixed prosthesis.
Would I be comfortable if I have all my teeth pulled and get total prosthesis?
No removable prosthesis can be as comfortable as your own tooth. It is best not to lose teeth as much as possible by strengthening atural teeth with fixed prosthesis when necessary.
Can I feel comfortable with fixed dentures like with my own teeth?
All artificial organs in the body are called prosthesis. However, you cannot see perfectly with your artificial eye, you have difficulty walking with your artificial leg prosthesis, or its appearance is not perfect. However, with your dental prosthesis, it is possible to eat more comfortably and look more beautiful than your natural tooth. While we are making the prosthesis, our aim is to provide this comfort as much as possible.

    Treatment Duration

    2-5 hours

    Travel time

    3-5 days



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