Periodontology specializes in disorders involving the gums and bones of the mouth. It is related to gum disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Our periodontists also helps in the management of indications of advanced gum disease, such as oral irritation.

Gum disease occurs when the tissue surrounding your teeth becomes infected and inflamed. This swelling is mainly caused by plaque-forming bacteria that builds up on your teeth and spreads below the gum line.

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. With consistent treatment, you can keep this disease under control. A more severe gum disease, often known as periodontitis, may necessitate more thorough treatment. When this happens, you should consult us for surgery and nonsurgical options.


How to apply daily oral care?
Mechanical cleaning of teeth and gums should be performed with brush-toothpaste and dental floss. Brushing the gums at a 45-degree angle to the teeth, and cleaning between the teeth with dental floss is very important for gum health.
How does oral care affect periodontal health?
They are directly connected. The major reason for poor periodontal health is dental calculus and bacterial plaque that are not cleaned. Periodontal health is maintained with routine dentist control.
Can the lost gum tissue be regained?
It is not possible to regain the lost gingival tissue on its own. Tissue is restored with various surgical techniques. In recent years, gingival tissue has been restored without surgery with stem cell studies, but that is still in the experimental stage.

    Treatment Duration

    2-5 hours

    Travel time

    3-7 days



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