Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

In oral and maxillofacial surgeries, we first diagnose and then treat hard tissue or soft tissue problems under local or general anesthesia.

Many surgical procedures such as impacted teeth, surgical solution of joint problems, implant operations, implant applications requiring advanced surgery, surgical treatment of cysts, salivary gland surgical treatment, jaw fractures, aesthetic jaw correction are evaluated under this title.


What are the complications impacted wisdom teeth?
Bleeding, edema, pain, trismus (locking of the jaw joint) and long or short-term paresthesia (numbness) complications may occur after the impacted wisdom teeth surgical extraction. In general, In general, complaints are over in 1 week time.
Can the inflammation at the tip of my tooth root be surgically removed?
In particular, it is possible to remove inflammation and cysts at the root tip of the incisors with a surgery called resection. However, it may not be removed due to the location of teeth and proximity to anatomical structures.
I want to have implants in my upper molars, but my bone is not enough. What can I do?
Sometimes, the distance between the sinuses and the jawbone may be too short anatomically or due to early extractions. In this case, maxillofacial surgeons perform sinus lift operations and raise the sinus floor and insert artificial bone and bone, making it possible to apply implants.

    Treatment Duration

    1-3 hours

    Travel time

    3-7 days



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