The pulp tissue is a connective tissue containing nerves and vessels in the inner part of the tooth that provides nutrition and protection of the tooth.

Pulp tissue is disturbed for some reasons (traumas, bruising, abrasions, etc.). Usually, the symptom is severe pain.

When the pulp is disturbed, root canal treatment is needed. Root canal treatment is a very complicated procedure. The anatomy of each tooth is different. Although root and canal numbers are known by general rules, they may differ.

All canals are emptied with the help of hand tools and rotary tools, and the canals are shaped to make them easy to fill. It is washed with various solutions and filled in such a way that there are no gaps. Sometimes it is a single session, sometimes it takes several sessions.

In addition, sometimes old root canal treatments are performed again, corrected and refilled. With this process called retreatment, the aim is not to lose the tooth.


Why does face swell because of the tooth?
In general, the tooth loses its vitality with caries, trauma, abrasion and the tooth nerve is disturbed. It becomes inflamed and creates inflammation in the root of the tooth. For this reason, facial swelling occurs accompanied with pain. Sometimes, facial swelling occurs as a result of inflammation of previous root canal treatments.
Why don't we get root canal treatment for all our teeth and get rid of toothache?
Pulp tissue provides nourishment and protection of the tooth. The strength of a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment is less than that of a live tooth. For this reason, we try to keep the tooth alive as much as possible. We do not perform root canal treatment unless it is mandatory.
How many canals are there in the tooth?
In general, incisors have one canal, premolars have one or two, and molars have three canals. However, these numbers may vary.

    Treatment Duration

    1-2 hours

    Travel time

    3-7 days



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