Your teeth might get damaged over time. This can occur for a variety of causes, including dental decay, trauma, or regular use. Your teeth’s shape and size can deteriorate. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” that fit over your natural tooth. Consider it a snug cap for your teeth. The dental crown improves the shape, size, strength, and look of the tooth. It is a cap that covers the  visible section of your tooth and is cemented into place.

Permanent crowns are available in a variety of materials, such as metal-porcelain, zirconium-porcelain, monolithic zirconium, and Emax porcelain.

If you are not satisfied with your smile but do not want to have any abrasions on your teeth, Lumineers are for you. It is very important for dentists not to harm the teeth at all and to create an aesthetic smile at the same time. Lumineers in the size, shape, and color you want are glued on your own teeth. You can start using your new teeth immediately with this treatment done in just 3-4 days.It is made with e-max porcelains, which are very thin but resistant to pressure, as thin as contact lenses. You can consult our dentists to find out whether your teeth are suitable for Lumineer treatment.


What is monolithic zirconia crown? Why is it cheaper?
Normally, zirconium is the infrastructure of the prosthesis. Hand-made porcelain is processed one by one on it. In monolithic zirconium, the entire prosthesis is produced digitally from the substructure of zirconium. More artificial-looking teeth are formed. However, some patients prefer this image.
Can a bridge be made of zirconium?
Bridges cannot be made of many full ceramic options. Zirconium bridges solve this problem.
Zirconia or emax crowns – which are better?
It is not very correct to make such a distinction directly. Emax crowns are more aesthetic, but they cannot be used for missing teeth. Again, it would be more appropriate to use zirconium for damaged teeth.
What is the difference between zirconia and metal porcelain?
Both are infrastructure materials. In zirconia porcelain, the infrastructure is zirconia. In metal porcelain, the infrastructure is metal. The upper structure of both is porcelain.
What is the difference between a crown and a veneer?
For crowns, the periphery of the tooth is reduced all around. For veneers, only the front surface is slightly etched.
What is the difference between an Emax and a zirconia crown?
The material is different. We achieve much more aesthetic results with the Emax material compared to zirconium.
When is a crown needed?
If we cannot treat the tooth with veneer in traumatic situations such as fractures and caries in the dental tissue, we apply a crown.
Why is a metal porcelain crown cheaper?
The technology is very old. Its construction, materials and production are cheaper to different crown in terms of price.

    Treatment Duration

    2-5 hours

    Travel time

    3-5 days



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