Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a wireless orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques. With the developing methods, success is achieved in many more case types.

The number and duration of treatment of transparent plaques prepared with a personalized analysis vary according to the case. They are not evident visually.  They have minimal impact on your daily life. It is recommended to wear them for 20 hours a day. It is removed while eating.

In general, the aligners are changed every 15 days. Each plaque provides a certain movement to the teeth. All aligners are prepared in the computer environment according to the analysis at the beginning. When the plaques are finished, the teeth reach their ideal alignment. Dentists can put the aligners once every 15 days, or they can be given to the patient to put them on himself/herself. There are many brands producing clear aligners.


Is this procedure more expensive than braces?
It is not a more expensive treatment than braces. The price varies according to the number of aligners.
Is the duration longer than braces?
Its duration varies according to the number of aligners. However, it is generally not a longer treatment than braces.
Can every tooth crowding problem be solved with this treatment?
Generally, dental crowding can be resolved with this treatment. However, there may be some cases where it is not sufficient. You will be informed as a result of the analysis.

    Treatment Duration

    2-3 hours

    Travel time

    3-7 days


    No need

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